Ark: Ein „wahnsinniger“ Endzeitclip

Ark: Ein „wahnsinniger“ Endzeitclip

Ark ist ein siebeneinhalbminütiger animierter Kurzfilm von Grzegorz Jonkajtys und Marcin Kobylecki, der die Zuschauer in eine endzeitliche Welt entführt, in der die meisten Menschen einem mysteriösen Virus zum Opfer gefallen sind und nur noch eine geringe Zahl, angeführt von einem Wissenschaftler, auf riesigen Dampfern Rettung sucht. Trotz des gewöhnungsbedürftigen Aussehens der „Menschen“ transportiert die Bildsprache des Clips in Verbindung mit dessen dramatischem Soundtrack eine bedrückende Stimmung, die ihren Höhepunkt lange vor der überraschenden Endwendung erreicht.

Classroom Ideas – „Quick & Dirty“

    (1) Opening a field of awareness: a) „You are a scientist who has been infected with a deadly virus. What do you think, what do you feel, what do you do? Collect ideas in pairs of two or three.“ – or b) Research the story of Noah’s Ark. What does the Ark stand for, and how may it be important for us today? – or c) „An unknown virus has destroyed almost the entire human population. Oblivious to the true nature of the disease, the only remaining survivors escape to the sea. In great ships they set off in search of uninhabited land. So begins the exodus, led by one man…“ – Come up with a storyline for a ten minute-clip along this exposition.
    (2) Watch the clip.
    (3) Discussion: a) What do you think? – b) Sum up the plot. – c) Describe the mood created by the images and soundtrack. – d) What do you make of the unexpected ending? Would you have preferred another one? Which one? Why (not)? – e) Relate Shakespeare’s quote to the clip. Do you think it is a good fit?
    (4) Extension: a) You are the scientist’s psychologist. Introduce your patient’s personality and medical problems as clearly as you can. – or b) You are a kid on one of the Arks. Write two or three diary entries conveying your experiences, moods, and longings. – or c) You are a commander ordered to fill one of the Arks. How many of who and what would you take along? Explain your choices and overall strategy.

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