The Six Dollar Fifty Man

This is a moving and inspiring story about bravery, friendship and maybe even daydreaming, so students will find a lot to relate to and, hopefully, discuss.

Here are some “quick & dirty” ideas (pick!) about contextualizing the short film in the classroom…

Opening a field of awareness: a) Brainstorm and cluster “my first REAL friend”. – b) Present a doll or puppet similar to the one in the film, and have class tell the story of this “an eight year-old’s favourite toy”. – c) Have students TPS and decide on the question “Who would you be willing to jump from a rooftop for, and why? – d) Present 10-12 stills from the film, have groups/class order them and tell/anticipate the story…

Watch the film. You may pause every now and then and let students guess what may happen next. I wouldn’t spoil the overall experience and rhythm/coherence of the film, though.

Analysis: a) Establish the order of events in a flow chart. – b) Tell the story from the boy’s/girl’s/principal’s/bullies’ perspectives (in no more than 12 sentences each). – c) Is the boy a romantic, a loony or a hero? Find reasons for each, and explain what the boy is for you. – d) Explain the title “Six Dollar Fifty Man” and if/how it influences your understanding of the story and its characters. – e) Try to communicate the main message(s) of the film in one sentence (each).

Extension: a) Alternative ending: Jumping from the Hall roof, the boy is seriously wounded. Tell the rest of the story following this cue. – b) Turn the film into a photo story (freeze frame 15-20 essential scenes in groups of four). – c) A relationship built on sand or solid rock: Do you think this could be the beginning of a long-term friendship? Explain your reasons in detail!

What did you do in your holidays?

With the holidays drawing to an end, procrastination lingers at every corner. Thus, much more enjoying the merits of than doing more demanding work, I’ve put together a grammar warm up activity that is supposed to connect students’ holiday experiences with their English skills. The challenge is fairly straight, using the visual material is not obligatory for students. Enjoy & feel free to use and spread! – The Google Doc has a memorable short URL:


Eine wunderbare Geschichte, die in vielerlei Bezügen Sinn ergibt und so auch im Unterricht flexibel einsetzbar sein wird, zum Beispiel im Religionsunterricht zum Thema “Umgang mit Macht”, “Arm und Reich”, “Darf man alles was man kann”, im Englischunterricht darüber hinaus auch zur Beschreibung von Bewegungsabläufen, als Hinführung zur Fabel oder auch als Vorlage für einen sich auf Lebensbezüge junger Lernender beziehenden Essays. Die Leichtigkeit des Soundtracks befördert dabei eine angenehme Gesprächsatmosphäre, in der man sich den lebenskundlich durchaus ernstzunehmenden Implikationen und Anwendungen annähern kann:

The moral behind this story revolves around how there are often disagreements or competing paths in life, and the possible results of pride, obstinance, and compromise. – (Ting, director)

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